Jason/Junie Story


I am Jason/Junie and have made a new account as I’ve lost my password and my e-mail was a fake. So, the above link is a page about my story of Club Penguin Armies. This page is to continue this story and will end the story on this page. This will contain more information about my time in Club Penguin Armies and this story will continue from 2015. Now, you may read on about my story in Club Penguin Armies:

I, affiliate and auxiliary of multinational armies am Jason or Junie; was and is an affiliate of many Club Penguin Armies that developed education and use of knowledge.

When I joined Club Penguin Armies, I was 8 years old; it was in 2013. In 2014, I turned the age of 9. People refer to me as someone intellectual.

Book 4: Individualized

Part 1, Return:

Viewing many posts of the Rebel Penguin Federation as it gives me nostalgia is memorable. I sat in front of the screen looking at posts and commenting on the website helping individuals that I had no clue was, inspiring individuals and commenting on how I’ve missed them. It was at this point, I’ve wanted to return. There was a new laptop I’ve received and I started to use it.

I logged in as Junie17125 and signed to see I’m a guest in the Rebel Penguin Federation chat. I saw one of the new leaders, Clout. I private chatted with her and I said that a Private rank was okay. I was cool with that. Sooner or later, she left and then the other leader, Robot, soon came on. I’ve chatted with him and such and told him about my experiences.

The next day, I saw Sky Blue 36, a memorable friend that I had. He saw me as well, and we soon talked about the past and such. He then gave me a Moderator rank of 4ic, and he said he would’ve given me higher. He was 2ic during that time.

“I’ve returned to the Rebel Penguin Federation”, were the words that I stated to many people (and related).

Part 2, Remembering and Meeting Old Friends:

I met many and many of my old friends like Brooke, Worky, Purpleslime4, Clubx, and others. There was also Xat being glitched and/or hacked, they gave us free days until it’s fixed for compensation of what happened. Trade and transferring went down due to the issues Xat went through. They are trustworthy but didn’t have good security.

Though there is more to this, I won’t be able to explain all of them.

Part 3, Small Medium Army Central:

I was in the chat of the Army of Club Penguin. I was chatting and all with some new and old friends. I then came across Jodie, an individual that is well-known in the community. I’ve greeted her and she greeted me. We were talking and I said my age and all. She then private chatted with me and recruited me to be a reporter for Small Medium Army Central. I replied yes, and she asked for my WordPress account and such. It was the old Junie17125 account which I forgot the password of.

Part 4, The Comment Mistake:

I was excited and determined to make my first post on the Small Medium Army Central website. I’ve forgotten about the old account and soon realized it. I created a new account on WordPress and hoped to meet Jodie once more so she can change the accounts. I waited long and soon an old friend Taqi came. I greeted him and we talked and chatted. We complained about how Waffles’ Rebel Penguin Federation was to Robot, who is now Advisor.

I knew it was my first day to post and I stated to Jodie the last day that I would start on this day. I wanted to talk to her quickly and make it so I wouldn’t get fired nor will she get frustrated. I wanted to ask her three simple questions. The questions were, “May I also do philosophy? What will I earn after posting? Can you change the account from the old one to the new one?”

Then, I started to feel nostalgic; I keep thinking about reliving the same old moments where it was fun. I couldn’t believe how simple groups of a simple game could make me feel nostalgic and how they could benefit me so academically.

 Later, I came back after a short absence. I then had conversations with Clout, Flame and Azn. There were people there that was also a part but not much. I compared Clout with Lilstar due to their amount of kindness and other stuff. Then, I went to the Small Army Medium Central website to see my comment I made on changing the accounts so I can post with my new WordPress account.

I saw that Jodie replied to the comment and I made a mistake by saying, “JasonJunie1725” and not “JasonJunie17125”. She said the account was invalid and asked for my email address. I gave her that and realized I’d have to wait for her response. I wanted to reply about the mistake I made, but I didn’t. I thought that she’d figure it out and would use my email address instead.

Part 5, A Raider’s Dream:

 On a normal day sitting in the chatroom of the Rebel Penguin Federation, I was having conversations with people and doing my duties and such. Sky was the only Owner on and he soon left. Then, chaos happened. Many guests appeared having the same name saying the same things. They were bots and they were controlled by someone on chat. We didn’t know who it was but we knew it had something to do with iMix as he did it before. We banned all of the bots and we couldn’t protect chat due to no Owners on.

The same thing happened with Doritos. I came on their chat and sooner or later, the bots came to the chat and started spamming. There were lots of them. Possum couldn’t handle banning them so she gave me Moderator and she also gave Capnryan11 Moderator and we started banning. As soon as all the bots were gone, some people from the Rebel Penguin Federation came on as well as other bots. She gave them Moderator and we started banning them once more. We realized it came from Xaat chat like before.

We went on there to see iMix and Charlie. Charlie was on the Doritos chat so it must’ve been him. He was Owner and so was iMix. It was revealed that Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors were also raided. Soon, they started doing the Water Vikings. We saw it also happening on Water Vikings and soon, an Anime chat; it was called Planeptune.

We warned the people on there about it and the raiders soon raided with their bots and the Planeptune individuals reacted quickly. We gave them evidence of who it was and they said it was no big deal. We went back and tried talking with iMix and Charlie but they acted like trolls and said they like doing what they do. I tried giving them reasons why they shouldn’t but they ignored.

Soon, we exited the chat and went back to our chats. Possum thanked me for what I did and she must’ve done it to Cap too. She wanted to report it to Clout of what I did and I thanked her. Soon, we went back to our normal ways and did our normal stuff, chatting. We were surprised as to what happened and we informed it to some individuals. We told them as to what they’ve missed and how it was somewhat fun.

Part 6, Informative:

 A lot has happened after the fifth part of the story so all won’t be accounted. Anyway, the part that can be accounted is here. To start off, I’ve been promoted to 3ic.

Part 7, The Corn Troopers:

While we were hanging out, there was a strange event of which almost all of the users were named as “Corn”. The main Corn was actually Clout who was on Puffin. I joined along and we soon had a lot of fun of raiding. After that, Flame made a post and I edited it. It was a fun time. Go check out the post: http://clubpenguinrpf.com/corn-army/

Part 8, Recap:

I’ve made lots of posts as an editor and also a page called the ‘Ideas’. I did a lot while and cannot be to list a significant amount of events and thus, my Club Penguin Army story may feel empty. I’ve started noticing that Mirai returned and I was pleased as to seeing the fact that the Future has finally returned to now. I was although unsure if all accounts were deleted and we’d have to start afresh as a new individual there though remembered as one of the old accounts in which were known to be of.

I was demoted to 4ic, a Lieutenant General by Flappy and when Serpent saw it, he/she made me as a moderator. I soon realized someone then promoted me back to Warlord and I asked Elmikey that he was supposed to be owner and he did. I then communicated with Flappy and he/she said it was a mistake, and I was relieved.

Part 9, Amounts of Changes:

After a while of staying in the Rebel Penguin Federation and attending many other events, there were leadership changes in the Rebel Penguin Federation to further progress it into making it the first of the Top Tens. Former Dark Warriors leaders Drake, Xxtoysoldier and Freezie joined the leadership of the Rebel Penguin Federation. Sprite from the Doritos also joined as well while Clout was demoted to being a second in command.

The Rebel Penguin Federation also arrived at the first position of the Top Tens. It was astonishing and the army reached its throne for the first time in quite a while. It was then I realized, we’re on our journey to being at the top and we already were.

Part 10, Newsworthy Appearance:

After a while of stuff happening, I’ve decided to make my first news report on the Small Army Medium Central website. It was a topic stating the return of the Jalapeño army and I’ve had about 3-4 moments stating it was a nice post with Jodie saying that it was a great first post. I soon became interested in making more posts.

After 1-2 days, a chat reset occurred in the Rebel Penguin Federation; I soon became moderator which was set by Drone or Tom and because he wasn’t a main owner, he had to make me moderator. After a couple of hours or so, Elmikey came on to make me a senior officer [owner].

I’ve also added to the ‘Beginner’s Guide’ page and made it as kid-friendly as possible and edited some stuff in the page. Once I’ve finished, I had liked the way it had looked. It looked amazing.

Part 11, Leadership to Rebels:

Talking about the last part’s second paragraph, a chat reset occurred; it was because there was leadership changes and Clout was promoted back to the Rebel Commander of the Rebel Penguin Federation. I’m not sure of this but there were some statements by the Club Penguin Army Central stating of Drake being welcomed back into the leadership.

Toy, Sprite and possibly Drake moved into the Night Rebels’ leadership having some of former Rebel Penguin Federation affiliates following them as well. This saddened me and the many fellow members. I’ve decided to visit the Night Rebels’ chat to see what was going on.

I saw many Night Rebels and former Rebel Penguin Federation troops greeting me and saw of the leader Drake. I said I wasn’t going to join which was at their approval and understatement and simply visited. I saw Jayro, Bulletproof and others talking about me. Kevin also talked about me.

It was fun meeting them and soon I left returning to the Rebel Penguin Federation chat, my true army. It truly saddened me of two great former troops of the Rebel Penguin Federation leaving, Zottffss & Kattlylyn4.

Part 12, There’s Been an Awakening:

Zottffss returned to the Rebel Penguin Federation serving as a moderator and the Rebel Penguin Federation was defaced by traitors from the Night Warriors. The Rebel Penguin Federation continued to rise and we didn’t stop.

Part 13, A Soldier’s Prize:

 After an event against the Army Republic in which the Rebel Penguin Federation succeeded in, promoted Zottffss that soon became a part of the ownership of the Rebel Penguin Federation gave away a membership code for people to get. Ten people entered the contest of getting the code to get membership and soon, I won. I thanked him and soon entered it into my Club Penguin account. I had 6 days of membership and bought a lot of stuff and did a lot of cool things with my igloo.

We all played lots of Card-Jitsu games and had lots of fun. I too had lots of fun.

Part 14, More and More Later:

-Updated July 20th, 2016

A whole lot of things had occurred – I admit to being lazy in updating often – in the incidents and events of four months or so, I’ll just skip on to the good parts. Once again, I apologize for not updating much like the 2013-2014 story – but anyway, I had gotten a job as a Page Maintainer on CPA. CPA, the aesthetic website named ‘Club Penguin Army,’ is an organized and aesthetic website that updates very often and is very active. It was an amazing experience, and I love that job.

Part 15, Even More Later:

-Updated March 10th, 2017

You can bet a plethora of events and incidents occurred – and of course, yet again, I am not updating often on this website because I am mainly focused on one thing out of the entire community. I have been promoted – I am so very proud – to RPF leader, which is quite admirable and a feeling of being honored should rise at the moment that happens. Starting all the way from the bottom, and then slowly moving ahead to the top is quite a challenge in a major army considering how large it is and how, sometimes, you might just compete with others too.

And, once again, I’m betting you a lot of things have occurred over the course of this trip from the last couple months of 2016 to the quarter of 2017 we are in today. You might even notice the changes in the way I’m (practically) talking. But after all, I am still me. And of course, you are still you.

I’ve been thinking of large plans for the Rebel Penguin Federation.