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Club Penguin Armies – Which One Is Yours?


Club Penguin is a game suited for children to play. It has so many fun things to do – such as customizing your penguin, creating and editing your igloo, earning coins by doing some tasks or playing some fun games, or even accomplishing the many goals or main goal you have in the children-suited, fun game. But, did you know that there were such things as Club Penguin Armies? That’s pretty weird since it’s in a child’s game, but is it actually smart?

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FanFiction – Stories from Me

Just to let you know, I create stories on FanFiction – ranging from trying to describe the feeling of nostalgia, to creating possible theories and/or a story of a Cloning Machine in Smash, to making a crossover between Undertale & Steven Universe, to creating a crossover of Sonic & Zelda. There are also other stories that are absolutely made-up, one of which has an alien invasion shattering the planet Earth and another one having one or two of the main characters experience their demise.

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The Second Blog of Experiences

The Individualized Conglomerate is the Blog of Experiences, as it constantly states. Its shutdown has unknowingly been made due to a plethora of reasons. The sequel website has arrived, being considered as the Individualized Conglomerate 2. This time, it’ll be better. A whole lot better.

You’re going to like it.