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Goodbye, Club Penguin

Childhood memories are typically the ones most cherished, where the world seems so colorful and a single worry of things won’t ruin your beautiful day. It can range from a short lullaby to one of the biggest moments in your life during childhood, wherein nostalgia envelops your mind. One of the things that had a huge impact on my childhood and my future to arrive is the spark of curiosity in a popular child’s game, Club Penguin.

I remember somewhere in March or April 2012 I had seen an advertisement on my television after recently having finished an episode of a show I used to watch and being so curious about penguins wearing superhero suits like Iron Man or Thor. I believe it was called the Superhero Takeover party.

My brother was just sitting on the couch, watching the advertisement with me, and just asking if I wanted to make an account for that game. I, of course, being the 7-year-old me, said yes looking forward to fighting bad guys and all that sort of stuff most boys that age are into.

And now, after leaving such a huge impact on my life by introducing me to a community of Club Penguin Armies and allowing me to explore all the parties making my player the coolest it can be, it’s all going now.

I really thank you, Club Penguin, for being a huge part of mine and others’ life.