Steven Universe!


With so many good shows like The Amazing World of Gumball, to Adventure Time, to Regular Show, to We Bare Bears, to Star Wars: The Clone Wars to much, much more on Cartoon Network, I found the greatest show upon it that brought the most hype – Steven Universe.

I honestly should’ve made this post a LOT earlier, but, it’s better late than never; Cartoon Network has a lot of shows that has its ups and downs, some being the greatest shows on the ever created on the channel and/or of all time and some being of the worst. But there is one channel that I actually love the most, and it’s a show called “Steven Universe,” created and innovated by Rebecca Sugar.

The show is about the titular character, Steven [Quartz] Universe, who is a half-human, half-gem being that’s a part of the Crystal Gems; they’re a group of individuals who are the self-appointed guardians of the universe – importantly the earth. They’re always saving the day, and they always find a way in doing so. This show has a lot of character development and truly makes you feel what they’re feeling. Their music is great, most of which being inspiring.

This show gets into depth and may become dark more quicker than you think; it’s so innocent at first, and the plot quickly sinks in possibly knocking you off your chair quicker than you can think. The show has its moments, whether they be emotional or funny, or even something else. Characters appear here and there, and they all are so unique and different that it’s awesome to look at their story.

I’m not really that much of a plot-giver, but I’ll tell you this: Steven Quartz Universe and his friends who live in Beach City will always find a way to save the day. They all change so much and you can see them “growing up,” if that’s a safe way to put it. I consider this the greatest show to ever appear on both the channel of Cartoon Network and of all-time. If you’re not watching the show already, I’d recommend doing so now. Everything that happens is all canon in the show, and most, if not, all episodes are non-filler episodes and would require you to watch them. I seriously thank Rebecca Sugar, Cartoon Network and the team that are making episodes of the show and have made the show itself.

It’s already been more than two years.


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