Top 5 .io Games [IMO]


Whether you rush into massive dogfights as a fighter plane to become the king, or dash and slither your way into eating the guts of others as a cannibal to become #1, there are many unique .io games for everyone to play, and these are my top 5.

#5 –

I’m not exactly sure about you [if you played this .io game, that is], but I do like most of the sound effects of this game. It truly makes you feel like you’re out there in space, fighting for yourself. You rank yourself up and get up to another level, trying to be the best one there is in the game. What makes this game fun is the satisfying feeling of leveling up and defeating the other players that play the game. Just a little tip: don’t touch the planets and/or anything else that orbits it – unless you have protection.



#4 –

It feels so satisfying to be able to get on the Scoreboard, with more than 15k score. It’s also great to be at the highest level, 45, killing every bad guy that stands in your way. has great game modes you get to play on. Whether you wish to get in a massive free-for-all to be the greatest player in the game or do a team vs. team type of battle where you have to control 4 locations, is unique and of course, a great game.


We’re just hanging out around and in the spawn point.

#3 –

To me at least, this game is highly underrated despite being a pretty great .io game. You’re in a massive dogfight being a fighter plane and fighting other fighter planes to be the grand “king” of the whole game, being at the top of the Leaderboard. With much different equipment to attack others with, including a super weapon unlocked through doing something, has a lot of offer whether it be the standard free-for-all or the mini games that are randomly added onto there. Leaderboard

I’m the king! :O

#2 –

In this game, you want to be the biggest cell – and, the Leaderboard being there can tell who are the 10 biggest snakes. This great game has many different modes, having the standard mode of the free-for-all to team vs. team vs. team. You have to eat other cells, and try to be the biggest cell in the game. Though it sounds so simple, the journey ahead can be difficult for most. You can split yourself into two or more pieces to go faster or eat other snakes hurriedly, and you can press w to give some mass to either yourself or other cells. It feels so awesome to eat other cells and to, of course, be the biggest of the game.


Get away from me!!!!!

#1 –

What’s the .io game that slithers its way into the first place of the list? That’s right! It’s! In this game, you play as a snake and try to become the biggest of the server, how original. With your speed boost, you have to forget most of what you’ve learned about The smaller snakes usually intimidate the bigger snakes now. With your speed boost, you can dash your way into forcing snakes to touch you so they can die and drop mass for you to eat. The bigger you are, the closer you are to getting to the top of the Leaderboard. To me, it feels so addicting and you just have to play more and more. The satisfaction of getting bigger and killing snakes with your speed boost may have a mindset for you to get to the top!


I’m going to try my best to get #1!

I’ve played a lot of .io games, but these 5 had given me the most fun and satisfaction to play with. These are only in my opinion, and I hope there are no arguments about what my opinions were.

Now, that was my top 5 of the best .io games, I would like to see what YOU think. In your opinion, what are the top 5 greatest .io games you’ve ever played?


Share us your thoughts!

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