Club Penguin Armies – Which One Is Yours?


Club Penguin is a game suited for children to play. It has so many fun things to do – such as customizing your penguin, creating and editing your igloo, earning coins by doing some tasks or playing some fun games, or even accomplishing the many goals or main goal you have in the children-suited, fun game. But, did you know that there were such things as Club Penguin Armies? That’s pretty weird since it’s in a child’s game, but is it actually smart?

Club Penguin Armies are mainly organized groups of penguin-recruited soldiers that usually have a website or a chat box [mainly Xat] to communicate. They have events, and they’re fun for a beginner. It all started back in the ‘Color Wars,’ which are types of battle that many penguins dressed in their specific colors. Though, the main two colors were blue and red. People would just get on and have the time of their internet to play with other people in throwing snowballs and such.

Later on after so many historical processes, Club Penguin Armies were formed. Websites [usually and mainly from WordPress] and chat boxes [mainly and usually from Xat] were created. The first organized army to occur was the Army of Club Penguin. But, the real question is, what are YOU rooting for?

To help you out, you’d need to find out what you’re into. Do you have a favorite food and would you join an army specifically made for that specific food? Do you like the typical army that accommodates the typical ‘warrior’ or ‘troop’ in its name? Do you like the army that has an original name that sounds pretty cool? Do you like the over-complicated name that sounds kinda hard to read? Do you like the hero or villain armies? Think about it.

Now, do me a favor and a favor for yourself once you’re finished thinking about that, go to and decide what YOUR army is!

See ya!


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