Club Penguin Armies – Dying or Expanding?

[7/18/16: Yay! I became a part of the staff in CPA, and my current job as of now is a Page Maintainer!]
[7/11/16: Oh, and also, I had my 3rd year anniversary of being in both RPF and Club Penguins Armies]

My Club Penguin Army story is not even up to date yet [7/19/16] and it’s so far back to the point where it’s seemingly impossible to list and recall all the moments that had occurred – yeah, yeah, it’s not like the old website [the prequel website] where I am always updating as my time goes back in 2013-2014. I don’t even have that many readers, so why do I keep thinking this website is expanding or something like so? I like to think it that way, but I feel as though this won’t even go into my retirement post in RPF or something – but that doesn’t mean I can’t make new posts, can I?

With all of this noted down onto this post, let’s get into the post: Club Penguin Armies originated all the way from 2006, literally 10 years ago – it started after all these wars on Club Penguin likes the Color Wars and such things like so. It was normally blue vs. red, and oh man does it sound like fun [because I wasn’t even in those because y’know, I joined CP armies on July 11th, 2013 and didn’t really know much about them before that date.] Now, 10 years later, Club Penguin Armies are still around, most people’s armies [typically the major ones] active as usual. But the question is, are they dying… or, are they becoming better and are expanding into something bigger?

What is this – another editorial post on Club Penguin Army Central talking about Club Penguin Armies dying and how they can become slightly better with ideas? No, no, I’m just giving my opinion of whether they’re dying or not – but yeah, I’m going to make it like those long posts where CPAC or some other website goes on from word to word on explaining and detailing and such.

There are so many innovators in Club Penguin Armies giving their original ideas [or someone else’s] of how they can live just a little longer – or, it could’ve just been ideas for specific armies that are on the verge of dying. But anyway, individuals were trying to fight together to last their games and events and such for a little longer.

With that to have knowledge about, Club Penguin Armies were dying.

Now, I said they were dying – right? This was in the past, Club Penguin Armies had a different type of system back then and they played under the information and rules of Club Penguin Army Central or SMAC/SMAP [they also give news too.] There were other news’ websites that were so unpopular – they’re redundant, really, so it’s not truly any worth mentioning them [sorry.] But someone else designed a whole new website and teamed up with Club Penguin Army Central [and, possibly SMAC] to expand Club Penguin Armies. That person? Commando717.

Commando717 created – it was an aesthetic website, much like the RPF website’s – which you can see by clicking >here<. He had ideas and great ways to expand Club Penguin Armies, and he pulled it off – with organized pages ranging from how to register armies, to the scheduled invasions of armies, to how good each army is doing, Commando created an unbiased system and it worked really well.

He also had his team [for instance, me] who also worked him and he, along with Goblin and other individuals, are having armies work together in the Coalitions to create a project to expand Club Penguin Armies so greatly that it’ll take a whole lot longer to die. I’m sorry if I didn’t include your name, but you are a part of his team, if you are, obviously. We’re glad to have you support us and our armies, team [I guess I’m encouraging myself, too.]

And so yeah, Club Penguin Armies expanding…. Sorry if the information wasn’t correct, by the way.

What? Was the information juicy? Too boring? Sorry if you were bored or wanted more or whatever, but it just ended! See ya!


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