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Crossovers & Crossovers


I have some FanFiction stories and stuff you guys can check out. (:

[Warning: Short Post, sorta]

I have a lot of different favorite franchises and so many favorite things – with so many great TV shows like Steven Universe to great video games like Undertale, there are many crossovers I’ve created on my FanFiction website [click HERE to view my stories]. I really love all of these, and love creating stories. There are crossovers from Smash, to Sonic & Zelda, to Undertale & Steven Universe. (:


Club Penguin Armies – Which One Is Yours?


Club Penguin is a game suited for children to play. It has so many fun things to do – such as customizing your penguin, creating and editing your igloo, earning coins by doing some tasks or playing some fun games, or even accomplishing the many goals or main goal you have in the children-suited, fun game. But, did you know that there were such things as Club Penguin Armies? That’s pretty weird since it’s in a child’s game, but is it actually smart?

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FanFiction – Stories from Me

Just to let you know, I create stories on FanFiction – ranging from trying to describe the feeling of nostalgia, to creating possible theories and/or a story of a Cloning Machine in Smash, to making a crossover between Undertale & Steven Universe, to creating a crossover of Sonic & Zelda. There are also other stories that are absolutely made-up, one of which has an alien invasion shattering the planet Earth and another one having one or two of the main characters experience their demise.

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Club Penguin Armies – Dying or Expanding?

[7/18/16: Yay! I became a part of the staff in CPA, and my current job as of now is a Page Maintainer!]
[7/11/16: Oh, and also, I had my 3rd year anniversary of being in both RPF and Club Penguins Armies]

My Club Penguin Army story is not even up to date yet [7/19/16] and it’s so far back to the point where it’s seemingly impossible to list and recall all the moments that had occurred – yeah, yeah, it’s not like the old website [the prequel website] where I am always updating as my time goes back in 2013-2014. I don’t even have that many readers, so why do I keep thinking this website is expanding or something like so? I like to think it that way, but I feel as though this won’t even go into my retirement post in RPF or something – but that doesn’t mean I can’t make new posts, can I?

With all of this noted down onto this post, let’s get into the post: Club Penguin Armies originated all the way from 2006, literally 10 years ago – it started after all these wars on Club Penguin likes the Color Wars and such things like so. It was normally blue vs. red, and oh man does it sound like fun [because I wasn’t even in those because y’know, I joined CP armies on July 11th, 2013 and didn’t really know much about them before that date.] Now, 10 years later, Club Penguin Armies are still around, most people’s armies [typically the major ones] active as usual. But the question is, are they dying… or, are they becoming better and are expanding into something bigger? Continue reading