The Debate About Mario & Sonic – Who’s Better Overall?

NOTE: This is an opinion, if your character does not get picked the better character, do not worry, we apologize. This is just the opinions of the author. We wouldn’t want to provoke any anger or hate. We apologize again if we did that. Thank you.

Mario v Sonic

Mario vs Sonic

A long-going debate issues the franchise battle between two famous characters that are the big names of their own franchises. There’s Mario, an Italian plumber who’s a brother of Luigi and they have their good, fun adventures ranging from saving the princess and defeating King Bowser to saving the galaxy as it seems. Then, there’s Sonic the Hedgehog, a talking hedgehog whose adventures are always epic and nostalgic and the adventures range from defeating Dr. Robotnik (Eggman) and saving animals to saving time itself. If they compete with each other, who’d win? Who’d lose?

Now, let’s start competing each other…


The music of the video games can also awaken the nostalgia in us. There’s video game franchises like Zelda to Fallout that has unforgettable music that a lot of us love. So, which one has more nostalgic music? Is it Sonic, or is it Mario? Let’s talk about their music.


Video game franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog has unforgettable music. When you put it by the awesome platform stages that you love in Sonic games like Sonic Generations, Sonic Colors, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, or Shadow the Hedgehog, it’ll make it feel so nostalgic. The orchestra to the rocky beats make it feel so good to be a fan of the franchise. Sonic’s music delivers so much good times, and Sonic is literally the cartoon prime example of what’s a flawed hero that does bad for the greater good. The music like What I’m Made Of, With Me, Green Hill Zone, Ice Cap Zone 2, and many, many others are one of the many things why we all love Sonic the Hedgehog. Their music is too good, it reminds us of the good times.


The Mario music are really catchy, and it’s pretty good. It goes from calm, soothing music to insane, loud music and it makes you love it. Their music is great, but does it really match the great, nostalgic music of Sonic’s? I, we, honestly don’t think so.

The Overall Better Music

Mario’s music is great, but it doesn’t match to Sonic’s music. Sonic’s music gives us a better experience with playing his games and the sense of nostalgia just comes up. You feel so great, and you feel so inspired that you’d want to keep listening to his tracks all day. All day. So, in our/my opinion, Sonic’s music is better than Mario’s.


There’s no doubt that these two characters and their franchises are famous. Almost everyone knows about them, but who is more famous? Is it Mario, or is it Sonic? Let’s find out.


Yeah, he’s famous. The Sega company did a good job creating this fantastic character, as he is one of our inspirations in these gaming industries. Almost everyone out of the approximate 7 billion on Earth knows about Sonic. He is pretty famous, but will he match up to Mario’s fame?


This guy’s really famous. He was created before Sonic, and more people on Earth knows more about Mario than Sonic. If you were to match his fame with Sonic’s, you’d see that a whole lot more people knows Mario than Sonic.

The Overall Famous

Mario’s more famous than Sonic. Though the music goes into Sonic’s hand, the fame goes into that of Mario’s hand.


When we mean plots, we mean the problems and the levels in the video games. We’re comparing these two into seeing which has overall better plots than the other. Let’s start.


Sonic’s various plots are a lot of what makes him great. It ranges from defeating Eggman and saving animals to saving time itself. The plots the Sonic Team gives us is so unique in every game that we crave for many more games for more great plots. His plots are truly great.


Most of Mario’s plots usually means that he has to save Princess Peach, over and over again. I mean seriously, is Princess Peach just allowing for Bowser to kidnap her? It seems that no one is taking Bowser seriously.

The Overall Better Plots

Sonic the Hedgehog’s plots are funner and they’re better. His plots are so fun and unique that we just crave for more. The stories are so interesting ranging from the story of the Ultimate Life Form (Shadow the Hedgehog) to the fun and enjoyable story of Sonic Colors.


Which video game franchise has a lack of character development? Which video game franchise has more characters and more backstories of them?


Sonic the Hedgehog’s characters are so diverse and unique. It ranges from the Ultimate Life Form which is Shadow the Hedgehog, to a character whose goal is to save the future which is Silver the Hedgehog, and many more. These characters have their backstories and they’re so interesting. It’s fun seeing them all together, and some being the enemies or the major keys to plot twists or plot holes.


Mario the Italian Plumber’s characters normally lack of interest and are not that useful. They’re usually boring and usually, all the focus is on Mario whom cannot appreciate his brother’s effort of trying to help.

Who’s Better?

We could go onto more points of comparing the two figures, but we’ve quickly came to a conclusion. Sonic the Hedgehog is the overall better character, and is better than Mario in almost every possible way. Honestly, we/I could’ve described a bit more but this was rushed. So, to end it off, Sonic the Hedgehog is better than Mario the Italian Plumber.

But to keep it fair, Mario and Sonic went from rivals to allies quickly. They’re both great at their own things, and the competition & debates can keep going with people’s opinion-based views but these two famous video game mascots are great at what they do.


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