Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Talk About It


Spoilers are to occur; be warned.

The Star Wars franchise delivered to us a lot of things. They gave us the many different great music provided by mainly John Williams, they gave us the great Lightsaber duels between usually the Jedi and the Sith, and they’ve given us many plot twists; like Darth Vader being Luke Skywalker’s father, Chancellor Palpatine was in reality Darth Sidious, and that Anakin Skywalker in the end redeemed himself.

Now that The Force Awakens came into the movie theaters on December 18th, 2015, we’ve all starting coming up with theories about the next sequel to it. I’ve come up with my predictions about the next movie, and a lot of stuff about The Force Awakens. Let’s start.


A lot of us are calling it, Rey should be a Skywalker. Star Wars’ story is all about the Skywalkers. The prequel trilogy was about Anakin Skywalker, the original trilogy was about Luke Skywalker, and the sequel trilogy should be about Rey Skywalker. Why? Well, here’s why: Anakin Skywalker’s Lightsaber was calling out to Rey, as Maz Kanata stated. Why would it call out to her? Because, she must be a Skywalker.

Soon, when you see Luke Skywalker at the end of The Force Awakens, you can see the stare he’s giving at Rey. That’s the stare a father would give to his daughter. Along with that, Rey knew that the man standing there was Luke Skywalker. It’s not like she’d ask, “Hey, are you Luke Skywalker?” She didn’t need to because she already knew and was pulling the Lightsaber out for him- to give it to him.

In VIII, Luke Skywaker would most-likely be teaching Rey about the ways of the Force. She may already have bits of knowledge of hand-to-hand combat and dueling, because she dueled with Kylo Ren whose knowledge of the Force and combat is obvious and a couple of “thieves” back on Jakku.

Along with that, Snoke should be Darth Plagueis because the theme played in Revenge of the Sith talking about Darth Sidious’ master and Snoke’s theme are very similar and same. If you compared the celebration theme of The Phantom Menace and the Emperor’s Theme, you’d see that they’re both similar. The Emperor recently rose to power and it was in a melodious tone and fun tone. Who’s to say that Snoke won’t be Darth Plageuis?

The Force Awakens was a great movie, and a lot of us loved it. Though it was similar to A New Hope, we’ve just recently been introduced to a new trilogy. But, the haters, what is wrong with them? You need to make up your minds. You’re saying the prequel trilogy is bad because it’s not that similar to the original trilogy and now you’re hating on the first movie of the sequel trilogy because it’s too similar to the original trilogy.

Make up your minds, haters!


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