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Salutations, and welcome to the Second Blog of Experiences, this is the sequel website to the first website, which you can view HERE. This will have more content than the original website, and we’re here to make things better. You may follow the posts there are and look at the great stuff there is.


Achieved Icon on RPF Legends Page

It just so happens that I’ve gotten Icon on the RPF Legends page, along with a description, or biography, of what exactly had caused me to obtain that legend status. Pretty honored, honestly. It’s difficult to get.

Goodbye, Club Penguin

Childhood memories are typically the ones most cherished, where the world seems so colorful and a single worry of things won’t ruin your beautiful day. It can range from a short lullaby to one of the biggest moments in your life during childhood, wherein nostalgia envelops your mind. One of the things that had a huge impact on my childhood and my future to arrive is the spark of curiosity in a popular child’s game, Club Penguin.

I remember somewhere in March or April 2012 I had seen an advertisement on my television after recently having finished an episode of a show I used to watch and being so curious about penguins wearing superhero suits like Iron Man or Thor. I believe it was called the Superhero Takeover party.

My brother was just sitting on the couch, watching the advertisement with me, and just asking if I wanted to make an account for that game. I, of course, being the 7-year-old me, said yes looking forward to fighting bad guys and all that sort of stuff most boys that age are into.

And now, after leaving such a huge impact on my life by introducing me to a community of Club Penguin Armies and allowing me to explore all the parties making my player the coolest it can be, it’s all going now.

I really thank you, Club Penguin, for being a huge part of mine and others’ life.

Crossovers & Crossovers


I have some FanFiction stories and stuff you guys can check out. (:

[Warning: Short Post, sorta]

I have a lot of different favorite franchises and so many favorite things – with so many great TV shows like Steven Universe to great video games like Undertale, there are many crossovers I’ve created on my FanFiction website [click HERE to view my stories]. I really love all of these, and love creating stories. There are crossovers from Smash, to Sonic & Zelda, to Undertale & Steven Universe. (:

Club Penguin Armies – Which One Is Yours?


Club Penguin is a game suited for children to play. It has so many fun things to do – such as customizing your penguin, creating and editing your igloo, earning coins by doing some tasks or playing some fun games, or even accomplishing the many goals or main goal you have in the children-suited, fun game. But, did you know that there were such things as Club Penguin Armies? That’s pretty weird since it’s in a child’s game, but is it actually smart?

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